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With your Help, We strive to become the #1 Bitcoin Mining Collective in the World! Currently, we are  #3 – not bad, but we want more
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altcoin mining business

75% of all Bitcoins ever mined are now in the hands of the Top 1 of the 1% of the Worlds Elite!

Do you want to know why?

Because the value of Bitcoins and other Altcoin Currencies such as Ethereum are skyrocketing and people want to get their piece of the pie!

The Problem

The #1 Problem almost everybody faces that wants to start mine Bitcoin anywhere in the world is the rising costs of electricity. It not profitable enough for most people in the world. But that’s where Bitclub come into play. With our mining farms strategically located in places with low energy costs enables us to run our bitcoin mining operation so efficient and successful for all our 600.00 international members.

How to start?

You’ll need 3 things to see money coming to your wallet every 24 hours.

  1. Valid Email Address
  2. A verified BitClub Account
  3. Mining Pool

That’s it !

You’re in Business now invite a friend or two and your earning potential increases even more. Verified Members learn more about that inside their User Interfaces.

ProTip: BitClub allows an unlimited amount of accounts per IP address, that is the secret of how most master/monster Builders archived their Ranks so quickly.  All Members can learn all that and more in our freely available webinars and workshops and Video Tutorials

bitcoin mining business